Frequently Asked Questions-


How do you select tenants?

We review all information on your application.  We want tenants who will pay rent on time, and take pride in their home.  To help us in this decision, we will contact your previous landlords, your references, and run a background check.  We do not rent to anyone who lies on his/her application, and we do not rent to anyone with a previous FED.


Do you accept pets?

We occasionally will accept pets, based on a few factors.  We will look at the number of and type of animals in relation to the size of the place you are renting.  References from previous landlords will be taken into consideration. Houses with new flooring will remain pet-free.  We charge a monthly pet rent of $25 per animal.


What do you charge for deposit?

We charge the equivalent of one month's rent for a deposit.  Rental deposits are intended solely for covering any unpaid rents, fees, or damages to the property.  Rental deposits may NOT be used as last month's rent.


Do you return rental deposits when your tenants move out?

Landlords are required by law to, within thirty days, either return your deposit in full or give you a detailed, written explanation of what the deposit was held for.  Make sure that you have given the proper thirty-day notice of your intent to vacate, that you have left the unit in the same condition in which it was rented to you, and that you have provided your forwarding address.